Learning at Pei Ying

Classes are held at Southgate School in Cockfosters every Saturday between 1:30 pm – 3:45 pm during school term time.

School internal exam

There will be two exams per school year, usually one before Chinese New Year and one toward the end of the year.

Parent and Teacher Consultation

The School holds a parent and teacher consultation twice a year. The first consultation is normally held together with the Chinese New Year celebration. The second consultation is held at the End of Year and Prize Giving assembly.

It is important to familiarise with our school policies and rules:

HSK/YCT test

From 2014 London Pei Ying Chinese School was appointed the Subordinated Centre of the Chinese Proficiency Test in the UK. Every year we organize HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) and YCT (Youth Chinese Test) tests for our students.  YCT is an extra qualification our pupils can obtain prior to GCSE.

We also welcome external candidates to take HSK/YCT test in our school.