The school teaches Mandarin Chinese, spoken and written, with simplified characters. We run classes from Reception to GCSE, as well as Adult Class studying HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test).  From 2017, YCT is also part of the teaching curriculum; this is to enable pupils to achieve YCT qualifications prior to achieving GCSE qualification.

The main textbooks we use are Easy Steps Chinese and HSK. To cater for all different learners from different ages we also use supplement textbooks for beginners.

For reception class, our focus is for young learners to establish the interest in learning Chinese, pupils learn to read simple reading books and write simple characters. Pupils start to learn Pinying from Year1 and this skill continues to develop in Year2. From year3 to GCSE level, pupils continue to develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in Chinese. GCSE will be taught in two years, for the first year of GCSE  pupils will be taught GCSE new topics, for the second year of GCSE we will mainly focus on overall revision and prepare pupils for GCSE exam.